Sue's Strategies® Videos

Animated videos maximize learning. Children prefer watching videos to completing worksheets.  Animation engages children through stories, music, patterns, images, and sound effects. Repetition of these videos results in quicker mastery of language and math skills. Multi-sensory videos provide a great resource for auditory and visual learners.

EPISODE 1 - C Makes "S" and "K" Sounds

EPISODE 2 - G Makes 2 Sounds: G or J

EPISODE 3 - S as Z

EPISODE 4 - 4 Sounds of Y

EPISODE 5 - The VCE Strategy

EPISODE 6 - Vowel Power

EPISODE 7 - Finding Syllables

EPISODE 8 - Horrid R

EPISODE 9 - Share Strategy and 3/4 Strategy

EPISODE 10 - How to Set the Vowels Free

EPISODE 11 - Consonant LE



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